How much is it

We won't bother you with unreasonable fees.
The only thing you will subsequently pay us is the commission, which includes
Basic marketing support
Assortment administration on the web and in applications
Shipping costs for goods
Customer service

Amount of commission by category

The amount of commission varies based on the category of goods or a voucher. The commission is paid only from the value of the goods sold or vouchers applied, and this is a guide price.
Goods + Vouchers
Alcohol 15%
Audio & Video 15%
Car & Moto 15%
Household Supplies 20%
Small Appliances 15%
Major Appliances 13%
Drugstore 18%
eBook Readers 7%
Photo 12%
Hobby and Garden - Non-Electric Appliances 20%
Hobby and Garden - Electric Appliances 12%
Watches and Jewellery 20%
Toys 20%
Pet Supplies 18%
Wearables 15%
Office Supplies and Stationery 15%
Coffee and Coffee Pods 20%
Books 18%
Components (IT) 10%
Consoles and Games 15%
Beauty 15%
Mobile Phones 8%
Monitors 15%
Furniture 18%
Laptops and PCs 8%
Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories 25%
Lighting 20%
Perfumes 12%
Food 15%
Projectors and Screens 15%
Accessories 20%
Network Hardware and NAS 15%
Software 30%
Sport 18%
Tablets 10%
TVs 12%
Printers and Scanners 15%
Printers - Supplies 15%
Adrenaline Activities 25%
Aromatherapy Massages 25%
Travelling 15%
Travelling in the Czech Republic 15%
Erotica 16%
Photo Services 25%
IT and Marketing Services 25%
Culture, Sport and Entertainment 25%
Courses and Workshops 25%
Aviation Activities 25%
Massages 25%
Hands-on Services 25%
Skincare 25%
Body Care 25%
Hair Care 25%
Promotional Items 25%
Restaurants and Bars 20%
Family and Children 25%
Sauna and Wellness 25%
Printing Services 25%
Virtual and Online Entertainment 25%
Wellness Stays 15%
Experience Rides 25%
Experience Cruises 25%
Getaways 15%
Animal Experiences 25%
Health Services 25%

Frequently asked questions

How to register?
It is easy, all you need to do is register in the system , set up the operation and you can start delivering.
 How much does participation in Alza Trade cost? 
There are no portfolio integration or management fees within Alza Trade. For the sale of products and vouchers, Alza only charges a commission whose amount depends on the category of goods or a voucher on offer.
What commission will I pay?
The amount of commission is determined by the segment your service or product falls into. Clear table of commissions
What products cannot be listed on Alza?
It is currently not possible to list the following product categories of goods on Alza: Adult erotic toys, cigarettes and tobacco, weapons.
Can I offer both products and vouchers on Alza at the same time?
Yes. You can prepare both options in our Trade portal.
How will my products be promoted on
With the commission you pay us, we promote your products with basic online marketing tools (PPC, SEM). In case you are interested in higher product promotion, it is possible to make individual arrangements with our marketing specialist. Contact us

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